Our membership draws from many backgrounds and interests, and contains enthusiasts in Western natives, Mediterranean plants, and many other rock garden plants. While our members vary greatly in their levels of experience, they all share an enthusiasm for plants and a willingness to share their own gardening experiences. We hope to inspire all of our members to expand their gardening horizons.

Yearly dues for SRGS are only $10 and include the following benefits:

  • Monthly meetings
    Meetings are often held at members homes and include private garden tours.
  • Workshops on rock gardening
    SRGS holds frequent workshops and presentations on rock gardening, rock garden plants, methods of plant propagation and many related subjects.
  • Seed and plant exchanges
    Our members generously make available rare and unusual plants that they grow in their gardens. Plants are given away at almost every meeting.
  • Monthly Newsletter
    Our newsletter highlights upcoming activities and articles by our members.
  • Facebook Group
    Members are eligible to join our Facebook Group where you can discuss upcoming meetings, arrange plant trades, or just talk rock gardening. 

To join the SRGS, please download the membership form below.  Fill it out and mail it along with a $10 check made out to SRGS to the indicated address.  Once we have processed your form, we will contact you with information on our upcoming meetings. You will also be eligible to join our Facebook group at that time.